I-Haul pays more for your car or truck

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Have an old junk car that you don’t need anymore, or that has become an eyesore to your home? Not a problem, I HAUL will pay you cash on the spot for it running or not! We will pay you cash on the spot along with free towing.

I HAUL Has Made It Easier to Sell Your Unwanted Car

By streamlining the process, we have done the process of selling your junk car to us easy as can be.

Here are the three necessary steps to start the selling process off for your junk car:

  • Call Us (910) 352-6388

    When you call us, you will speak to someone located right here in the area. There is no speaking to a call room or operator based in another city or even state!

  • Answer our fundamental questions.

    We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle. Based on your replies, we will quote you a price on your car. Yes, we will stick to what we quote you!

  • Schedule a pickup and get paid!

    When we schedule your pickup, we want to make sure we are not interrupting your day, there for you are scheduled at a time that is the covenant to you! Your time is crucial to us.

Call Now for Your Free No Obligation Quote

Give us a call for your free no obligation quote  (910) 352-6388. Remember I HAUL pays top dollar for junk cars! We offer a price guarantee and will ensure to pay you the price we quoted you over the phone!