Towing & Transporting Services

I-Haul offers 24×7 supports at any location in New Carolina for towing your vehicle. You can reach your location without any worries about your stopped vehicle as we take care of your vehicle and we take full responsibility of your vehicle to drop it at the location you said.

Being a towing company, we not only tow vehicles that stop working or other vehicles. We also transport vehicles from one place to another as well as transport heavy goods from one location to the required location.

When your car is totaled in an accident, it’s not going anywhere without the help of towing professionals. Call I-Haul Towing & Transporting Services at (910) 352-6388 for wrecker services in the North Carolina area.

How Can We Help?

We understand how frustrating the situation can be when you have to reach somewhere and your car refuses to start, or when you’re in the middle of a journey but your car has encountered a problem. Fortunately for you, we offer 24×7 services to keep you out of trouble. Here’s how we can help you:

Car Towing & Hauling

In the case there’s an unfortunate case of accident or the roadside assistance cannot repair your car, our car hauling and towing services can come in handy. We will tow your car to the nearest garage or location of your choice.

Roadside Assistance

Stranded in the middle of nowhere with no help in sight? Call our roadside assistance services. We will dispatch a team of car mechanics right away who will repair your car and get it up and running in no time.

Car Lockout Service

We have all experienced that sinking feeling upon the realization that we have locked ourselves out of our own vehicle. Not only is it inconvenient but highly frustrating., particularly when you’re far from home or in a hurry. But worry not, as we have got you covered with our car lockout service.

Tire Replacement

A flat tire is one of the leading causes of delays. It can turn your day upside down, leaving you stranded and frustrated. With i-Haul’s tire replacement service, you will never have to be in this stressful condition. Simply, get in touch with us, and we will send our team right away.

Jump Start a Dead Battery

If your car doesn’t start because of dead battery, reach out to us. We have the necessary equipment to recharge and jump start a dead battery.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

In times of unexpected fuel emergencies, finding yourself stranded without enough fuel in your car can be inconvenient and stressful. That’s why we offer emergency fuel delivery service, providing our customers with a reliable solution when you find yourself in need of immediate fuel assistance. Just reach out to us and our team will be there with you.

Our company specializes in

Heavy duty towing

Light duty towing

Long-distance towing

Dealer transportation

Once it’s safe to leave the scene, contact I-Haul Towing & Transporting Services office. We’ll take down your information and dispatch a skilled tow truck driver to your location.

Contact us today for all of your Towing and Transporting needs.